A price list

We provide protective services day-and-night, we try to meet the needs of people, who on account of age or health are not able to live alone and a family or other people from their environment cannot assure them an appropriate care.
A cost of stay in Senior's House "Sunny Autumn Life" for people who require a care on account of kind (long-term stay, daily stay, temporary stay):

A cost of long-term stay (above 3 months) depends on kind of requirement care of Guest, health of Guest and depends on single, double or triple room. The price depends on the health condition of Guest (The price excludes costs of medicines and diapers.)

The price includes:
  • daylong food,

  • care from side of qualified carers,

  • nursing care and rehabilitation,

  • as also usage of all offered possibilities of spending spare time.

  • A cost of daily stay:

    The price depends on the health condition of Guest.
  • The price includes full food and participation in activities organized by Senior's House.

  • A cost of temporary stay (short-term till 3 months)

    The price depends on the health condition of Guest

  • The price includes food with using of variety diets and nursing care, and also using of full offer of Senior`s House.

  • A cost of after stroke stay
  • the price is subject to negotiation
  • An additional fee: activities with logopedist, psychologist and masseur.

    How to become a Guest?

    make an appointment with Senior`s House representative ,
    make written reservation of a place,
    take from us special forms of document which are necessary to admit,
    make an appointment to admittance in our Senior`s House and signature of contract.

    Required documents

    Documents which should be shown during admittance to Senior's House:

    1. An Identification Card of Senior`s House Guest
    2. An Insurance Card of Guest
    3. An Identification Card of person who signs a contract with Senior`s House
    4. In case of partly or completely incapacitated person is required an opinion
    5. An opinion about degree of disability
    6. A confirmation of permission to health insurance
    7. A list of subjects and private things of Guest
    8. A current medical examination for last month
    9. A copy of information cards which concern hospitalization of Guest during last year
    Other documents will be signed in Senior's House.